The Bed Head Bus @Sonisphere: Backstage Gossip & Highlights + Photos

August 6, 2009

Here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS:

NIN band members had a cut on the bus, as well as members of Anthranx, Mastadon & Saxon and the legend Corey Taylor had his head shaved by Gen! Feeder and Alien Ant Farm had interviews upstairs, and the guys from Orange County rocked out to guitar hero on the top deck!

Our Mission to raise money for Charity was a massive success. We have got two beautiful Guitars donated by Epiphone for auction signed and ready to raise money. The first has all four signatures of Metallica band members, and the second is signed by all members of Likin Park, the legend Tony Iommi, Heaven & Hell’s Vinny & Ronnie, Nicko McBrain,Dead by Sunrise’s Ryan, and Frank & Charlie of Anthrax.

After running out of Guitars – we desperately ran around looking for something for other bands to sign. After much searching Tour Supply LTD were awesome enough to donate a beautiful black 24″ drumhead. We can’t thank them enough. This Drumhead was then signed by some of the nicest guys in backstage – the members of Limp Bizkit & Corey Taylor. Thank you guys!


TIGI Artistic Director Kieron Webb with Wes from Limp Bizkit (who uses nothing but Bed Head Wax Stick)

Robin Finck

TIGI UK Creative Director Heath with Robin Finck of NIN…nice cut!

Tye Zamora + Ryan Shuck

Tye from Alien Ant Farm with Ryan Shuck of Julien K & new band Dead By Sunrise


UK Creative Director Heath with Alien Ant Farm Frontman Dryden Mitchell


Legendary Slipknot Frontman Corey Taylor with TIGI UK Academy Creative Director Gen. Earlier on Gen shaved his head and he was the first to sign our drumskin for charity!


Alien Ant Farm on the top deck Playing Guitar Hero


Members of New Band Dead by Sunrise, featuring the band Julien K + Likin Park frontman Chester


Lots of bands on the top deck

DSC_0011 small


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